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The Seductive History of Massage

A tale as old as time…

Humans have been enjoying companionship since the beginning of time. Whether it was culturally accepted, or a taboo depends on when (and where) you look. We have found evidence the ancient Egyptians enjoyed their share of sensual massages. There are even hieroglyphics depicting people massaging one another’s hands and feet. But many ancient societies, such as Greece, Rome, and Asia were indulging during the same time period. Even our oldest ancestors couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. ;)

Man getting massage

Erotic massage has evolved.

Erotic massage, as we consider it with a modern perspective, likely became a “thing” during the Victorian era. As our ideas began to grow and expand, our desires did as well. During the mid-1900s, women may have been diagnosed with “female hysteria”, i.e. any undesirable trait of a woman during that time period and was treated as a medical condition. One of the primary treatment methods was to stimulate the woman to orgasm. The idea was that the orgasm was like an exorcism, releasing all negative energy.

Exploring New Possibilities

Are you looking for something new to spice up your bedroom life? Perhaps you and your partner are hoping to ignite the passion back into your relationship, let me help you explore and induldge in all the possibilities of sensual erotic massage. I will join you in a safe and discreet environment and encourage sensual bonding during this pleasurable encounter. Introducing a new person into your personal space can help you experience increased contentment heighten your erotic awareness. Skin-to-skin contact during erotic massage can provide a wonderful and fulfilling carnal feeling on a primal level. Let me guide you on a journey through Asian full body massage therapy in the comfort of your home or hotel room. I’m here to help you achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and release.

grayscale massage therapy sessionGet your blood flowing.

Who Can Benefit from Sensual Massage? Everyone can gain something positive from experiencing an erotic, tantalizing massage in an inhibition free environment. If you have never experienced a professional massage, you are in for an exciting and unique time. Stress builds up and can consume your life and body in more ways than you know. Let’s release the tension, boost your mental clarity, and rejuvenate your sex drive and desires.

Give me a call and let’s arrange a time to play. Learn more about How It Works here, and be sure to let me know if you have any questions before the fun begins.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my FAQ Page which may help you prepare for our meeting. You are in control of your experience, but I look forward to guiding you along. ;)

Are you in the mood for a mind blowing massage? At Sensual Massage LA, I make it my mission to give the best massage experiences back by my expertise and years of experience for all types of people. Give me a call today!

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