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The Importance of Physical Intimacy

Times have changed a lot recently and we find ourselves spending more and more time alone. When many people used to go out to bars, parties, or attend large social gatherings, we are being encouraged to find other avenues of adventure. A lot of people have been experiencing a sense of loneliness and are not sure how to approach it or may think there is something wrong with them. Humans are meant to experience physical contact. We are hardwired to feel a sense of reward when we feel a hug or a kiss. Without physical contact we begin to experience touch starvation.

Man getting massage

Sensual massage makes you feel happier.

Touch starvation, also known as skin hunger or touch deprivation, is a very real problem and something most of us can related to in some way. Sensual massage has been proven to have benefits in a multitude of ways. Whether you are looking for stress release, pain relief, better quality sleep, a massage – especially with a beautiful woman involved – is a tantalizing and thrilling experience.

Why does physical touch matter?

Skin-to-skin contact is something we crave from the moment we are born. As hardened as some people may think they are, we are all human, and our brains release several hormones to reward us for the fun! Oxytocin, the “love” hormone, Serotonin, nature’s antidepressant, and Dopamine, the pleasure chemical. These all play a critical role in combating the stress hormone, Cortisol. When we feel stress for an extended amount of time, our blood pressure increases, our immune system becomes weaker, and our overall mental health declines. Who knew getting some extra snuggles could help you so much?

Let me show you a fun time!

Have you ever had a sensual massage? It combines elements of traditional massage and erotic stimulation that allows you to reach a climax of pleasure and euphoria. Call me today if you are ready to go on a journey to complete satisfaction. If you are looking for an exotic, classy, and sexy partner in crime, you’ve found the girl for you.

The process is easy, and discretion is always guaranteed. Before you give me a call to schedule a visit, be sure to review 4 Things to Know Before Your Sensual Massage so you have an idea of how to prepare for our meeting. When you’re ready to get started, call me and let me know if we’ll be meeting at your home or hotel. Be sure you’ve got your CASH donation ready for me when I arrive. If you’ll be requesting any additional services, consider bringing more than the requested amount. Before you know it, I will be at your door, ready to play. I can’t wait to meet you!

Still have questions? Check out my FAQ Page for answers to all of your questions.

Note: I cater to upscale clients who are mature, businessmen, travelers, visitors, athletes, tourists, celebrities, and locals. I am very hotel friendly and tips are always appreciated…

**DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, have been quarantined by a doctor in the last 14 days, have been exposed to, or testing positive for COVID-19, please wait to schedule your appointment. Thank you for your understanding!

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