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Exploring Your Senses Through Sensual Massage

Humans are lucky to have a wide variety of senses to help us explore, understand, and interact with the world around us. These sensory systems help us avoid danger, experience pleasure, and respond to stimuli. Our ability to experience these sensations and interpret them allows us to navigate the world around us in a variety of ways. These senses are frequently divided into two groups: internal and external sensory systems, but what happens when you find ways to create an experience using many senses? Let’s explore together.

An Exercise in Mindfulness

Before embarking on any sensual adventure, you owe it to yourself to mentally prepare for your experience. How? The concept is simple: be completely conscious of the present. That can be a challenge given everything we face in a day, but mindful meditation is easy.

  • Find a quiet space. This might be the most difficult part of relaxing, but it is important to find a comfortable, quiet spot where you can unwind. Stretch your body and be present in the moment.
  • Focus on your breathing. Close your eyes, take long, calming breaths, and allow your tensions to melt away. Focus on feeling yourself breathing. Feel the air as it enters your mouth, goes into your lungs, and exits again. Pay attention to the sensations of your chest and belly rising and falling. Slow down and find your rhythm.
  • Stay in the moment. It is inevitable your mind will want to wander, but it is important that you return your thoughts and focus to your breath. The idea is not that your brain should go blank, but that now is not the time to wrestle with thoughts, but to actively hone your ability to focus. Especially since we will be engaging so many senses later on!

Now that you are relaxed and ready…

An erotic, sensual massage is an experience unlike any other and is a fantastic way to explore a variety of sensations at once. My professional massage experience blended with my desire and passion to please creates the perfect atmosphere for you to reach a new level of bliss. Is there something in particular you’ve wanted to explore or are you willing to submit your senses to me? There are more than a few ways to indulge your body and your sensations…

  • Sight – This may include an exclusion of sight. Blindfolds, costumes, a dark room, etc. You may find that seeing nothing at all can be thrilling, too.
  • Smell – Through a combination of oils, candles, and fragrance, your sense of smell is a powerful way we can connect with deep feelings and memories. Perhaps we can create a new memory together!
  • Touch – Textures, temperatures, skin to skin contact, etc. A sensual massage should include a variety of physical sensations. I’ve got just the expert experience you want to help you open yourself up to something new.

Don’t be lonely – call me!

When you are ready to ignite your sensations and are looking to have a little fun as well, let me show you why I’m the best girl for the job. Let me tease you, indulge you, and bring you to ecstasy with a happy ending. CALL ME today and schedule an appointment. What are you waiting for? I’m ready to play when you are!

**DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, have been quarantined by a doctor in the last 14 days, have been exposed to, or testing positive for COVID-19, please wait to schedule your appointment. Thank you for your understanding!

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