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Experience and learn about the benefits of erotic Asian sensual massage. Read about the best practices and service areas and find the little ways to implement massage and relaxation into your life. Contact me if you’re interested — (310) 806-1858 😉 Let me help you release your built up frustrations.

Spice Up Valentine’s Day with a Sensual Massage

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, you may find yourself with fewer plans than you would in previous years. It’s true, 2020 was a wild ride, and casual dating has become much trickier than it has been in the past. Whether you’re seeking exciting companionship, you’re looking to spice things up, or hoping to indulge your […]

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Exploring Your Senses Through Sensual Massage

Humans are lucky to have a wide variety of senses to help us explore, understand, and interact with the world around us. These sensory systems help us avoid danger, experience pleasure, and respond to stimuli. Our ability to experience these sensations and interpret them allows us to navigate the world around us in a variety […]

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Can’t Sleep? Give Sensual Massage a Try!

Getting a good night sleep is important. People have likely been telling you this fact since you were young, but as we get older, sleep can become elusive. Waking up in the morning after a poor night of sleeping is a sure way to start your day on the wrong foot and sets the tone […]

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Manage Your Busy Life with a Massage

Staying healthy and taking care of yourself can seem like a low priority when you’re faced with a laundry list of things to get done in a day. It is easy to sacrifice your own goals and happiness in order to mark something off your to-do, but when life gets hectic, you deserve to treat […]

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The Importance of Physical Intimacy

Times have changed a lot recently and we find ourselves spending more and more time alone. When many people used to go out to bars, parties, or attend large social gatherings, we are being encouraged to find other avenues of adventure. A lot of people have been experiencing a sense of loneliness and are not […]

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Self-Care During Stressful Times

The term “self-care” may seem like a made-up concept, or a way to justify needless spending, but taking care of yourself and your many needs is important for any human being. This isn’t a new idea at all, in fact, most of us have seen depictions of ancient Roman or Greek bath houses. Relaxing, unwinding, […]

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The Seductive History of Massage

A tale as old as time… Humans have been enjoying companionship since the beginning of time. Whether it was culturally accepted, or a taboo depends on when (and where) you look. We have found evidence the ancient Egyptians enjoyed their share of sensual massages. There are even hieroglyphics depicting people massaging one another’s hands and […]

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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Massage

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided you are ready to take the leap and experience a sensual massage for yourself. This is an exciting time and something you have been looking forward to for ages. Now that you’ve decided you’re ready, you may want to plan the details. You have picked your masseuse – I hope it’s […]

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Sensual Massage for Men, Women, & Couples

A sensual massage is an experience that everyonecan benefit from. Often, we associate this with men exclusively, but this unique skin to skin massage can have a healing effect for women and couples alike. Both sexes enjoy passion, excitement, and experimenting with new avenues to satisfaction. Keep your mind open and your senses heightened while […]

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Giving the Gift of Massage

Treat Yourself for Once The holiday season is over, and the new year has officially begun. You’ve bought a gift for everyone you know, spent hours with family members and acquaintances, and the regular stress of everyday life is returning. Did you remember to give yourself a gift this year? What about an experience to […]

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Who Can Benefit From Sensual Massage?

Erotic Asian Massage Benefits All Types of People I’ve talked about the benefits of sensual massage, but how about who might benefit or enjoy one the most. If you’ve never had a professional massage, you may not quite understand the practice entirely. Sensual massage is perfect for anyone seeking relief from the stress and monotony […]

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Release Your Stress During Los Angeles Convention Center Events With A Sensual Massage

After Long Weekends at the Convention, Take a Break From the Business Meetings and Meet n’ Greets with Erotic Asian Sensual Massage Stressed out and tired from this weekend’s Los Angeles Convention Center events? How about taking a breather with me? Tantalize your senses and empower yourself as I treat you to an amazingly intimate […]

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6 Benefits of Sensual Massage

What Are the Benefits of Sensual Massage A massage should be a fun and pleasant experience that tantalizes the senses. It is what you make of it so it’s important to keep a few things in mind and always remember, enjoy yourself 😉 1. Stress Relief Efficiently relieve the stress of every day life and […]

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4 Things To Know Before Your Sensual Massage

What To Know Before Your Sensual Massage Going in for a massage for the first time or a repeat customer? If you’re feeling a little nervous or just want some great tips for a better massage experience, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry if you don’t know how it works, we’ll take it […]

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